Plastic Pictures

Confusion or Clarity?

Our Award Winning Project! Cannes Black Dolphin for Best Sound Design.

The concept of this piece was to question perception and what we see, how are we looking – is it one thing, or actually another? The animation moves along twisting one image into something entirely different.

The sound design challenge was how to tell that narrative, and twist and bend with the images, to make it sound like a whole cohesive piece.

Starting from the ground up, as this has no music, we began by adding some real sounds, and then some pads, morphing and bending them, deploying sharp edits to abruptly change direction and the feel of what we’re looking at.

It’s layers of reality, digital, analog, with lots of bends and twists. It was really fun to do, with a lot of ‘what happens if I…’

The client was thrilled with the end result.

Plastic Pictures
Kevin McKiernan
Sound Design and Mix:
Ruth Rainey