Side Tracked Magazine / Porsche

Taycan 4 Cross Turismo

We love working with Coldhouse, they make stunning films based in nature, which appeal to our more adventurous side. Although it does make us look longingly out of the studio window and wish we were on location with them!

Here’s what Coldhoues had to say about the project:

“What was particularly exciting about this project from a creative perspective was that it is an electric car, so no loud noises or sliding around corners sideways. It’s not a typical car ad. The sound of it is totally different to any other car you’ll hear on the road. It sounds a lot like the ocean; it sounds a lot like breathing. In the preproduction stage, we talked a lot about how we were going to represent the car. We started playing with the idea of water lapping against the shore, whether that’s the big waves, the little waves or Andrew gliding through (or above) the water. The sounds are similar, so in the sound mix we built a soundscape that combined the two noises, blending ocean and vehicle to create the feeling that the car belonged in that coastal environment”

During the mix we had fun blending the crashing waves of Nasare with the sounds of the Porsche and the narrative of big wave surfer Andrew Cotton.

Side Tracked Magazine / Porsche
Production Company:
Matt Pycroft
Sound Design:
Ruth Rainey
Dubbing Mixer:
Ben Mason