Our Approach

We love all things audio, but we believe that sound without a story is just noise. That’s why we base every project we do on the authentic human understanding of storytelling, empathy, mood and emotional impact.


Ben Mason

I grew up as an engineer in a studio in London called Konk studios, a crazy place full of old 70s vintage consoles, 2 inch tape machines, valve microphones, wooden panelling and peeling paint. I was lucky enough to be working there as the British indie scene exploded, working with bands like Razorlight, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Mystery Jets, Florence and the Machine and many others as they made their first records.

The world class producers, engineers and bands that came into the building brought with them a pool of knowledge, stories and crazy tricks that I tried my best to absorb and understand. It was a studio where crazy sonic experiments were standard, not exceptional.

Moving into post production world, I started wondering why some of the techniques I learnt mixing music werent being using in sound for picture. So now, working in an almost entirely digital world, im using plug in emulations of the equipment I used at Konk, bringing the same techniques and skill used in music mixing to the dubbing mixes I do for our post production clients. I think its these little extra twists of analogue seasoning that helps make what I do a little bit different.

And whenever I can, I still like running stuff through guitars pedals, because you never know what weird and wonderful sounds are waiting to be found.


Ruth Rainey

I cut my teeth in a busy audio post house in Soho, at a time when it felt like the centre of the universe. Coming through the world of TV and radio advertising, I started getting into promos and trailers and discovered sound design. I experimented with how to build sound beds, tension, excitement, the nuances of small sounds and silence, and how to really bring visuals to life.

Over the years I have worked with some larger than life characters, directors and producers on a ton of different projects from TV and radio advertising, film promos, animation, documentary, corporate films, audio books, short films, online content, podcasts, trailers, video games…and everything else in between!

I love that audio is a powerful and emotional force, and I love using it to paint a picture, or create a mood. The ability to tell a story beyond what the eye can see, or make an image say something completely different is amazing.

Whatever project is on my desk, I always try to get to its heart, enhance it, and tell its story.