Medi 1 – Branding

Another cool branding project for the team at Dixonbaxi.

We Are Audio helped with the rebrand of Medi 1, a news service based in Morocco with a distinctive African lens on the world, making Africa part of the global conversation.

Inspired by ‘Chergui’ – a continental easterly or southeasterly wind which blows on the southernmost part of Morocco – the design language and sonic branding echoes the flow and movement of the wind.

We were asked to incorporate the classic darbuka drum into the branding, so we morphed a classic darbuka beat into a modern and glitchy electronic synth pulse, a nod to the transition between old and new as part of the rebranding.

Creative Director:
Dan Capstick
Music Composition:
Ben Mason and Matt Prior
Sound Design:
Ruth Rainey