X Speedflow

Check out this global launch video for Adidas Football X Speedflow boot! We used binaural and 360 immersive audio elements in this mix so it’s best enjoyed on headphones.

Part of a massive campaign that featured Lionel Messi and included a 10 minute audio-visual journey into the creation and philosophy of the boot which can be watched on Adidas Footballs Youtube channel. The incredible CGI and live-action elements were brought together beautifully by Director Erwin Van Den Ijessl at The Panics.

We Are Audio was engaged for the full audio production, from VO casting to bespoke music composition and production, sound design, and the final mix.

Its had over 90 million engagements so far!

TMS/The Panics
Erwin Van Den Ijssel
Music Produced by:
Ben Mason
Music Composition:
Drew Morgan, Aneek Thapar, Joesph bell, Nico Dalla Vecchia
Sound Design and Mix :
Ben Mason and Ruth Rainey