The Studio

To make creative decisions about sound, first you have to be able to hear what you’re doing properly, makes sense right? Thatís why we designed our studio from the ground up with Nick Whitaker, a world renowned acoustic designer.

Our studio is the central hub of We Are Audio, but behind this small but perfectly formed studio stands a super customisable, cloud based audio team. A rich network of insanely talented musicians, sound designers and engineers who each bring their unique skills and studios to our projects.

So whatever the project, big or small, we can hook you up with some awesome talent.

Studio 1

Our main mix room is built around our ATC SM25 speakers and Cranesong Avocet Monitoring Controller. All of our equipment is housed in a Stirling Sound Mastering console which is designed to be as acoustically transparent as possible. What does that all mean? Well it just means that this it one of best listening environments weíve ever worked in, it really is pretty special.

Throw in some lovely analog synths, tons of weird and wonderful guitar pedals, beautiful microphones and hand wired mic pre amps and the end result is definitely not your standard post production studio setup. It’s a beautiful combination of equipment that allows us to blend old school analog know how with new school digital trickery.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is an extremely flexible space, designed to be super quiet and acoustically neutral, its ideal for voice recording, foley or for overdubbing instruments which require absolutely no room colouration.

We also have a our second Pro Tools rig in here so that we can work on two project simultaneously or be creating cool new sounds to fly into a mix in Studio 1.