Stereo Mastering Service

Apocalypse Mix – DemoMusic Mastering

World Class music mastering at affordable rates. We charge a standard rate of £50 per track which includes all mix revisions and stems.

Our mastering room was designed and tuned by Nick Whittaker and houses our incredible ATC 5.1 monitoring system. We use a combination of analog and digital processing to add color, warmth, and impact to your mixes.


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Stereo and Surround Mixing Service

Music Mixing

Our team of award-winning mix engineers will bring your production from demo to radio ready. We charge a standard rate of £500 per track for mixing which includes all revisions and stems and deliverables.

We also love working with composers to help deliver powerful and immersive music scores to the dubbing stage.

Get in touch if you’d like to come and work with us to bring your score to life.


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